Abbreviations: k – spring constant of AFM probe; CNT – contact mode; AM-PI - amplitude modulation with phase imaging (aka tapping) mode; D-CNT - non-resonant oscillatory mode (aka PeakForceä, Hybridä mode, etc), EFM - Electric Force Microscopy; KFM - Kelvin Force Microscopy; dielectric measurements – dC/dZ;  QNM Quantitative Nano-Mechanical Measurement (Force curve analysis both in contact and  dynamic contact modes) 

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Atomic force microscopy (AFM) is a microscopic method for visualization of surfaces with high-resolution and for studies of local materials’ properties. These functions are realized with commercial scanning probe or atomic force microscopes and it is quite important to have a set of test samples that can be used for verification of AFM microscopes’ performance, functionality of different operational modes, and for teaching purposes.

Prior to shipping to a customer, the sample/samples are imaged with an AFM instrument and the obtained images are provided. 

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Standard Samples