We want to help our customers in developing new techniques and applications of SPM​.

While in preparation of several SPM accessories, we are offering our assistance in the following fields:

1. Consulting service in SPM instrumentation and its development
          a.  Broad spectrum of AFM imaging modes
          b.  Different approaches to local mechanical and electric studies
          c.  Improvements in operation of commercial SPM microscopes
          d.  Implementation and verification of customer designs

2. Consulting service in SPM applications including a choice of AFM probes
          a.  Optimization of high-resolution and compositional imaging
          b.  Mapping of quantitative mechanical properties with optimized & verified models
          c.  Selection of optimal AFM probes for your experiment
          d.  Providing a set of standard samples for evaluation of AFM modes

3. Contract imaging of customer samples
          a.   Free imaging of few samples for your evaluation
          b.  Rational pricing for every customer project
          c.  On-time project execution and thorough data analysis with report writing

If you want to become the valuable SPM practitioner or solve challenges of nanoscale materials characterization we will be happy to assist you.